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09.05.2017 20:55
Dawid Caban (
Hello, I am writing to you to ask if I am allowed to take part in you auctions if I live in Poland. Looking forward for your answer Have a good day! Dawid
Admin: Hello Dawid! Sure you can, please contact our office in Poland for more details: +48-512-55-65-55

26.04.2017 18:51
Yahya nisar ahmed (
Hi i want to know that i want to buy a caprice and than ship it into Pakistan After cutting it in to peices because i need some parts of it rest of it is useless for me, i need some specific parts kindly help me to sort it out
Admin: Thank you for your question. Yes, we can cut the vehicle into pieces and ship to Pakistan. Please follow the link to view prices for car cutting

19.04.2017 10:16
Motasem Freihat (
How much price shipping one car to Jordan port aqaba
Admin: Shipping cost to El Akaba is 0

07.04.2017 22:00
Motasem Freihat (
What is the amount of the website commission to complete the purchase of cars

07.04.2017 05:14
Motasem Freihat (
I'm living in Jordan and I want buy car salvage from website copart, do you Can Carrying out customs procedures and internal and overseas on my behalf
Admin: Hello Motasem, we can buy the vehicle from copart for you and ship to Jordan. We take care of the customs of the USA on your behalf.

30.03.2017 21:01
Shola Adeleke (
Good day, am from Nigeria.Please I need to know if I transfer the money true bank for how long I will get the car. Do you have dealer in nigeria
Admin: Hello, It will take around 35 days for a vehicle to arrive to Lagos. We do not have a dealer in Nigeria, so you can buy directly from our main office in the US.

29.03.2017 16:49
Onuralp (
Does this car have a roof damage? Lot 44232106
Admin: Hello, please go visit to order detailed inspection report as we do not have additional information about the damage.

14.03.2017 00:04
Jony assaf (
Dear sir If iwant to cut cars and load it in a conteiner How icam search in small rang and can you provied the cuting and loading servece?
Admin: Hello, we provide dismantling services, please visit for details and costs.

05.03.2017 23:25
Shatlyk B (
Hello how I can to buy ? And may I buy it like crashing like now at the photos ?
Admin: Hello, please follow the link below to see the instructions. Please see the photos for actual condition of the vehicles.

16.02.2017 14:43
sommerer andreas (
hallo, wir sind händler aus deutschland wir möchten mehrere autos kaufen. wieviel muss man als anzahlung leisten bzw gibt es einen anderen weg?
Admin: Hallo, wir freuen uns auf Ihr Unternehmen. Sie müssen $ 1000 einzahlen, um Ihr Auktionskonto zu erhalten.

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