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07.04.2017 22:00
Motasem Freihat (
What is the amount of the website commission to complete the purchase of cars

07.04.2017 05:14
Motasem Freihat (
I'm living in Jordan and I want buy car salvage from website copart, do you Can Carrying out customs procedures and internal and overseas on my behalf
Admin: Hello Motasem, we can buy the vehicle from copart for you and ship to Jordan. We take care of the customs of the USA on your behalf.

30.03.2017 21:01
Shola Adeleke (
Good day, am from Nigeria.Please I need to know if I transfer the money true bank for how long I will get the car. Do you have dealer in nigeria
Admin: Hello, It will take around 35 days for a vehicle to arrive to Lagos. We do not have a dealer in Nigeria, so you can buy directly from our main office in the US.

29.03.2017 16:49
Onuralp (
Does this car have a roof damage? Lot 44232106
Admin: Hello, please go visit to order detailed inspection report as we do not have additional information about the damage.

14.03.2017 00:04
Jony assaf (
Dear sir If iwant to cut cars and load it in a conteiner How icam search in small rang and can you provied the cuting and loading servece?
Admin: Hello, we provide dismantling services, please visit for details and costs.

05.03.2017 23:25
Shatlyk B (
Hello how I can to buy ? And may I buy it like crashing like now at the photos ?
Admin: Hello, please follow the link below to see the instructions. Please see the photos for actual condition of the vehicles.

16.02.2017 14:43
sommerer andreas (
hallo, wir sind händler aus deutschland wir möchten mehrere autos kaufen. wieviel muss man als anzahlung leisten bzw gibt es einen anderen weg?
Admin: Hallo, wir freuen uns auf Ihr Unternehmen. Sie müssen $ 1000 einzahlen, um Ihr Auktionskonto zu erhalten.

11.02.2017 11:48
karim amidu (
Hello, you are doing a wonderful job. Am in Ghana and would like to be your dealer(rep). What is the procedure? A lot of people are interested in this. So having a dealer here in Ghana will help a lot. Thanks
Admin: Hello Karim, once you start buying at least 3 cars per month we will be able to add you to our dealers list.

13.12.2016 20:16
baymirat (
Hello, I want to pay whole price by my viza card. And I can also pay extra money for transaction taxes. I live abroad. Do u agree in this case?
Admin: Hello, we can not accept credit card payment towards the vehicle. You have to pay by bank wire transfer only.

28.08.2016 18:33
Darlington oshoijakhena (
Please how do I register on this website? I am interested in this
Admin: Hello, Please follow the link and fill out all fields. Once it is done you will get downpayment contract to your email. You will get the contract with our bank instructions to pay 00 refundable deposit and start bidding. As soon as we get the deposit we send you login and password for your personal auction account. For more information please follow

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