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How to order a car?

You can choose a car starting with the search page; the provided information is full. All the cars are sold without guarantees and it is impossible to obtain the detailed information about the damages and staff. The price is established in the course of auction. The date of auction is indicated in the corresponding column. On this date the auction is held both in city and Internet. You can find out the current price of a car on a page with description (until the auction is over the price is not fixed, it increases). You should add cost of car delivery to the harbor and to your region (please, see the page Transportation over the USA and overseas) and customs duties.

To buy a car with the help of our company you should

1. Visit any our office or a dealer and sign a down payment agreement. You can do it right from our web-site (conclude a contract directly with the office in the USA) by visiting the page Send contract and by filling in all the necessary fields. After that you will receive an agreement signed by our party to your E-mail. According to the agreement you are obliged to make bank transfer to our account or pay a dealer (in case you concluded agreement with dealer in your region) 10% of the desired item price, but not less than 1.000 USD. This sum is a deposit that enables you to take part in the auction and that will be returned to you (deducting bank commission of 50 USD) in case we fail to buy the chosen item for you. It is a guarantee for us that you will pay for the item after winning the auction. You can lose this sum only in case you refuse to pay the rest sum for the bought car.

2. After we receive down payment to our account or confirmation from our dealers ofthe deposit, the necessary information to access the auction (login and password) will be sent to your E-mail within 12 hours. In case you are acting through a dealer and do not receive access during these 12 hours, please, contact
Administration immediately and explain the problem. All the bids placed by using your login and password are considered to be offered by you personally, so do not share the access information with anyone. If you would like to buy one item among several found in database you are allowed to make a number of orders within one day (while pricing you should indicate that you wish to buy only one item). After one of the indicated items is bought out, all the rest orders are canceled. The process of buying-out takes place at the dealer auction. A dealer will call you by your request to correct placed bid. That is why it is necessary to indicate your phone number during the registration process.

3. After your bid wins the auction you should sign sale contract with us or with our dealer and pay the rest amount of money for the car. The total sum is indicated in the contract and includes item price, cost of transportation over the USA and delivery to the chosen harbor. If you fail to make the payment in 2 days, penalty for each day of delay must be paid in the amount of 50 USD. We can wait for the final payment for maximum 7 days, after that your lot becomes available for sale again and the prepayment is not paid back to you.

4. The car is delivered to the harbor Newark, NY, zip 07114 USA, during 1 - 4 weeks (depending on the distance to the port, see the table on the page
Transportation over the USA and overseas) and then is loaded to a container. You will receive copies of the title and dock receipts that indicate what car is loaded in what container and where it is to be delivered. You also receive the information enabling you to access the site of the company transporting containers and watch the process of delivery. Depending on the destination harbor a car will be delivered in 12 days (Bremerhaven, Germany) and up to 26 days (St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad).

5. By the moment your car arrives to the port or city of destination you will already have the original papers TITLE and INVOICE sent by DHL mail and messenger service. If you ordered a car to be delivered not to harbor then the documents arrive together with the car. These documents are necessary for the customs clearance. You can ask all other questions on the page
Answers to your questions.

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