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Contacts - Is a large resource of searching for salvage cars, damaged cars and used vehicles in the USA

This is a company from the USA, New Jersey. Our business is to provide sales of salvage cars. We also deal with crashed cars, new and used automobiles, motorcycles, even water transport, such as boats or yachts from a wide range of countries, including the USA. All other problems are our business as well: it's not necessary anymore to keep in mind everything, concerning shipment, which includes customs admittance, registration and all the finances.

Moreover, we are happy to offer you crashed cars from the market of North America in gross costs. These cars may be delivered together with standby parts for reconstruction. We offer our cars at prices which are lower than offered by other markets, where they fix and reconstruct them by themselves. It will be cheaper for you even if calculated with shipping and customs and all other expenses.

We take cars in huge containers (practically of 40 feet). The size of a container depends on the type of the vehicles; cars may be delivered from 1 to 3. If you’re interested in dealing with us and want to know more about all the costs, go to Shipping over the USA and abroad. It is possible to access delivery expenses to any port you need.

All our staff and employees work not only in the USA but in many other countries and contact directly with our customers. The trades are totally independent. All you need is to find the agent at your place and simply contact him.

We have a web-site, which will help you to make your choice. Just enter the site, choose the item you like, order any of the cars which are offered there and pay a small sum of money (10 percent from the whole price; the payment is made to our bank account). The next procedure is that we buy a car which you’ve chosen. Then if the procedure is successful you pay all the rest of this sum for the chosen car and we ship it to your area.

But you better not forget that we have no storages and buy cars only after you make an application.

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