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06.11.2005 22:53
carol sanchez 
how much does it cost to tronsport a car from seattle washington to minneapolis minneasota
Admin: We ship over USA only in case of the exportation.

06.11.2005 12:26
Emml Achaab 
how can i get the car ID
Admin: You should pay 20 per cent of the price you like. We´ll send you ID and Password as soon as we receive your payment.

05.11.2005 11:37
we are firm of used cars in GREECE and we would like to be informed about the terms of participating in auction
Admin: Hello. Thank you for your interest. Please, read the information on this page

05.11.2005 02:58
Hi, My name Sambath , I m living in Cambodia , i m very interstead in your items, and also woul like to buy one for uses, but unfortunatly no dealer ( your ) in country, So , pls advise me , how to do.... Thanks in advance, SAMBATH.
Admin: Hello. Thank you for your interest. Please read how to order a car on this page

04.11.2005 06:38
Arfe there any locations in Texas. If yes can i test drive the car before buying. Best Regards
Admin: test drive - no. Only External view as automobiles have no the insurance

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