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18.11.2005 00:27
rober (http: //)
Deseo informacion de donde se encuentra el vehiculo numero 11232355 para poder pasar a ver el vehiculo por mi interes en comprarlo
Admin: El vehículo está en EEUU. Usted puede ver sólo las fotos sobre nuestra página web, leer la información del vehículo aquí. Si Usted quiere comprarlo, puede participar en la subasta. Pagar el anticipo del precio que quiere dar por este coche, es 20 por ciento del precio. Le daremos ID y conraseña en caunto recibamos su pagamento. Si hay dudas, llámame o escríbame.

17.11.2005 21:52
mallard fred 
Hello I want to know what are garantees you can give up to us if we make deal whith you ? If we buy a car after we paid you how we sure that we will have it ? You can kep monney and after we have nothing. Thanks to you answer.
Admin: We work not the first year. Usually the client waits half-year and only then orders. Can make also;-)

17.11.2005 21:42
fred mallard 
Hello I'm french and I want to know shipping cost to MARSEILLE habord for one car. And how can we become our dealer. I have some questions about your auctions. When you bid on a car in your auctions does exist a reserve price? I understand you help for buying cars but when you purpose a car in your auction whith price and if i am the higher bidder how you proces. And what are cost to me for this car. Is it sure I have this car or not?(and in this case what are the cost to me)
Admin: Newark - Marsel (3 cars - 40 foot conteiner) - 2600 USD To see reserve price it is possible only after online biding (when auction is closed). In a case if your bid maximal, but it is less reserve price, there are 3 decisions 1. You leave the price without changes - the seller has 48 hours on decision-making - to sell the automobile or to expose on new auction 2. You raise last bid up to a level comprehensible to you, but is less than reserve price----the seller - as in the first variant 3. You give the bid = reserve price---you buy the automobile without expectations

17.11.2005 13:28
Achaab emmanuel 
how can i know your initial estimates or book price for cars that are to be auctioned
Admin: You can find out the current price of a car on a page with description (until the auction is over the price is not fixed, it increases). You should add cost of car delivery to the harbor and to your region (please, see the page Overseas Transportation) and customs duties. You can find out the current price of a car on a page with description (until the auction is over the price is not fixed, it increases). You should add cost of car delivery to the harbor and to your region (please, see the page Overseas Transportation) and customs duties.

15.11.2005 11:51
Whwere is my contract number? What if I wrote that I want to buy a mitsubishi and later I don"t buy it and I buy a VW?(In the contract)
Admin: Contract number - this is file name

12.11.2005 15:04
hallo plz i want buy one of the mercedes E-320 mod 2003.i am ready to come from france to buy and pay cash what do i have to do ????? many thanks
Admin: buy tickets paris - newark (usa) ;-)

11.11.2005 12:54
good day,i won to know if u can send a car to nigeria and how much it cost. thanx
Admin: Hello. Yes, we can send a car to Nigeria, port Lagos. One car is 1592 US$, 3 cars - 4775 US$.

11.11.2005 02:04
Dear Sirs We are a UK based car dealer. How we can register to you? Looking forward for your reply Best Regards

09.11.2005 18:21
Hi, Lets say I would like you Guys to bring me a US version of US new beetle to Germany. I already know I would be obliged to pay duty and tax. But How much is to register the car , being able drive in Germany. Do I have to do any modifications to the car? Thanks and have a nice day. Mick
Admin: Call to Office in Germany Krainik GmbH Euro-Asia Business Center Leipzig Messe-Allee 2 D-04356 Leipzig / Germany tel +491635013489

09.11.2005 11:36
Andras Mate 
Hello! I am interested in buying 1 crashed motorcycle from the US. I have some questions to you. How much time do I have for licit after I paid the 500 $? How can I take from the bike after the ship arrived to Bremerhaven? (how can I enter to the dock? do i need any papers for it? How will I get the certification that the bike is mine?) Do I have to pay any other fee? (for example: load fee, ect.) What does the dealer exactly do? What is Hes scope of duties? What does He cost for that? What is the minimal cost of delivering 1 bike to Bremerhaven? Do i have to pay the whole container? Thanks! Andras Mate
Admin: Hello. We email you ID and Password as soon as we receive your money. You can take it by yourself. Or you can call to this agency GERMANY Cross Trans Service Gmbh, Steuben Strasse 7b Bremerhaven, Germany D-27568 Tel: 49 0471 945800 Fax: 49 0471 9458080 Victoria Reimchen The shipping price to Bremerhaven for one bike is 325 US$.

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