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08.01.2018 09:33
Sergejs (
Hello, If the 'buy now' price is for example 12000 USD, but buyers last and winning bid is for example 500 USD, so the car is sold for 500 USD? or it's unacceptable price for the car and offer is declined and car is going back to auction again ?
Admin: Hi, some cars may have reserve prices. If the reserve price has not been met the seller has the right to put the car back for auction. Normally buy it now price equals the reserve price so if you win a vehicle for 0 they won't sell it to you. But if you win the car for ,000-,000 most likely the seller will accept your bid.

15.12.2017 20:44
Rusu Svetlana (
Hello. If I want to take part on an auction do you charge for every bid? How much would it be?
Admin: We only charge 0 per each car that you win. If you do not win you do not pay.

25.10.2017 21:37
CHALET Dylan (
Hello, i d'like to know if it's possible to buy car with "certificate of salvage" or "certificate of destruction" and after repair, for registration in my country(France). Cordially
Admin: Hi, thank you for your question. Yes, it is possible. There are no problems registering vehicles with these title types in France.

29.09.2017 03:38
murphy lutete ne (
I need buy a this there is possibility to have it by mank credit?i live in usa
Admin: You have to check with your bank if they approve financing for a salvage titled vehicle. As long as they send us bank wire transfer within 5 days from the date you win the auction, we can work this way.

25.09.2017 20:05
isaacdithebe (
hi im from south africa what is cmv to covert car to right handedness how much will it cost is it cost effective to repair it in america then in south africa how much is import and customs
Admin: We can sell you a car and get it shipped to Africa. We do not do the right to left hand drive conversions. You should search for a company that does and ask them questions regarding the cost.

30.08.2017 15:48
basheer algundubi (
With regards to paying by credit card, my debit card is a pre-paid MasterCard, is this ok? Also with regards to becomming and agent, could you please let me know what the requirements are?
Admin: We can only accept the deposit with a credit card, the total must be paid by bank wire transfer. In order for you to be our trusted and verified buyer for at least 6 months.

14.07.2017 10:22
Admin: Hello, we can send our inspector to check the vehicle for you. You can read the details on

11.07.2017 21:23
Celestine Kenechi Ezeike (
my name is Celestine, please how can i get the link to the car auction site and how can i buy incase i see any good one to buy?
Admin: Please follow the link below to view our auction inventory:

29.05.2017 01:52
Jony Assaf (
Hello Ihave signed the contract with your company now iwill do the payment Can i send the full amount to your company account because i have choesen 10 cars for cutting
Admin: Hi, thank you for your question. Sure, you can make deposit and then use it to pay for purchased vehicles.

19.05.2017 09:43
Ayodel Adesina (
Hi 🙋 am from Nigeria, I want to know if I can buy car directly from your main office in the US and ship it to Nigeria directly and I want to know how long is going to take before the vehicle will arrive to Lagos.Thank
Admin: Hello, sure you can buy directly from our US office. It will take 35 days for the vehicle to arrive to Nigeria.

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