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02.08.2016 21:07
Ahmed alromer (
Hello possible pictures of a car Optima 2012 VIN 5XXGM4A79CG016240
Admin: Sure, you can get the pictures on

19.07.2016 18:46
Mohamed Ben (
Good day, do you offer "buy now" cars that is a fixed price without going through the auction? I do buy a lot of cars but i dont know how sure i will win the auction; thus I may miss the car I want.Is there a possibility to know a fixed price? You have a wonderful site! Thanks a lot
Admin: Hello Mohamed, most vehicles in our inventory come with damage, so it is nearly impossible to set a fair price that satisfies both the seller and the buyer. This is why we are running all vehicles through the auction process - this way you can determine fair price bidding against other people. That is the reason why auctions are so popular in the USA - anyone can buy an affordable vehicle for the right price.

13.07.2016 00:31
Ahmed yousif kadhim (
Hello I live in Belgium when I ask for car you have it will be arrived to me repair and fixed not have any mechanic problems ? And who many days to arrive to Belgium
Admin: Hello Ahmed, our vehicles being auctioned off as-is. If you buy a vehicle with no damage you will get it non-damaged. If you purchase a damaged one - you will get it in damaged condition.

02.06.2016 02:50
Eseigbe Godwin (
Pls I need to know if I can get proper repair of the car over there before shipping, thanks
Admin: Sure we can ship the vehicle to any body shop that you choose.

04.05.2016 23:30
olumighty (
Acv meaning waht
Admin: ACV is the average cash value of a vehicle before it got damaged.

16.04.2016 22:53
chic sangster (
how do you pay for the car
Admin: Hello, once you win the auction you will get the bill of sale with our bank wire instructions, this way you pay by bank wire transfer.

29.03.2016 18:15
Janis Stacevics (
Hello, I need some information about car transportation to Latvia (East Europe). Is it possible? For example, i have found a car in USA (with slight damage) which costs 2000 $, then plus transportation over USA (1,200 USD) and + transportation over ocean (950 USD)? To which Eastern Europe country you can send a car? thanks.
Admin: Hello Janis, we can ship to Riga, Latvia; Gdynia, Poland; Klaipeda, Lithuania. Please contact our shipper to get more details

18.01.2016 03:43
Reza (
Hi, I live in Vancouver, suppose I bid but I need only the body parts, like all four doors, right fender, back door and all lights. Rest you can keep, is there any arrangements for that
Admin: Good morning, you will have to purchase the entire vehicle, then we can take it to a scrap yard to dismantle it and put the rest of the vehicle back to the auction after that.

05.01.2016 16:06
Am in Ghana,how do l buy a car,and also how much will shipping cost,l need the lowest cost
Admin: Please follow the link and fill out all fields. Once it is done you will get downpayment contract to your email. You will get the contract with our bank instructions to pay 00 refundable deposit and start bidding. As soon as we get the deposit we send you login and password for your personal auction account. For more information please follow

20.11.2015 11:30
Ologbenla Kenneth Adedamola (
I want a toyota or bmw or nissan car that i will just little repair
Admin: We have 90,000 vehicles at our auctions. Please follow the link below to use our search tool.

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