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16.12.2005 18:25
I want to know shipping cost to Jordan Agaba 3 cars - 40 foot conteiner
Admin: 3420 usd. tel.: +49-176-282-14-465 English & Deutsch & Russian

16.12.2005 17:27
Hi i am from the iraq could you tell me if you could arrange shipping to the iraq How would I bid conteiner 40 foot and do you have a contact person in iraq or what i have to do,tks
Admin: Hello. We can ship a 40' container only till Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the price is 2900 US$.

16.12.2005 17:18
is possible send me in livorno italy one car ? im like buy jeep CJ5/7 or wrangler
Admin: Ciao. Possiamo trasportare l'auto all'Italia/Livorno. Il prezzo per un'auto è 1275 US$, 2275 US$ - per 3 auto.

16.12.2005 17:02
I dont understand if all cars only are sold on auctions or if there are with pricetags aswell. Can I find any more info about the cars, like no of owners, more pictures etc? What problem do cars have damaged by flod? Are the enginnes broken, the interiour or what normally has to be done?
Admin: We DO NOT have any other information than listed on the web site.There are Insurance companies auctins and they do not provide damage reports, full description, running condition of the vehicle, etc.

14.12.2005 14:36
i will like to register as a Dealer in west-europe,Thanks in advance.
Admin: first you have to be our client. tel.: +49-176-282-14-465 English & Deutsch & Russian

10.12.2005 18:50
Amza George 
hello! i say some of your cars on, and i want to ask if those cars can be bought directly, i mean that i only have to send you the money so that you can also send me the car. thank you!
Admin: you can buy cars only on the auction. tel.: +49-176-282-14-465 English & Deutsch & Russian

09.12.2005 00:53
Ken M 
Hi CrashCars, I understand most of the way purchasing on a auction like this, the only thing I am thinking & concerned about is when the car is delivered in harbour Newark, if I then want the car shipped to Bremerhaven, then how is that arrange, and how much do I have to take care of myself regarding the shipping after end of auction. Thanks Kenneth
Admin: the containernumber will be sended to your e.mail. If you have some questions about transportation from Newark to Bremerhaven contakt our destination agent in Germany. tel.: +49-176-282-14-465 English & Deutsch & Russian

07.12.2005 17:48
I am a bit unclear about the shipping procedure. As I under stoood the cost from the chart is it true that it would cost 0 to ship the vehicle to Buffalo NY.
Admin: Please, send the port name.

07.12.2005 01:52
i am from BiH,ex Yugoslavia, i hawe a lot experiences in sold a car,do you want to sold your car at this region?
Admin: yes. of course

04.12.2005 21:57
bash (
hi can we come and look at those vehicle and where is this action location ,or we search over the internet only ??
Admin: 180 facilities in USA

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